Thursday, September 19, 2013

Remember "Alchemy" on etsy?

If you don't, that was a board that you could post custom item requests on.

Unfortunately, etsy did away with that feature- it hasn't been seen for a couple of years.  People still have custom requests, though.  Where can you go for that?

The API team is proud to introduce our own form of the old "Alchemy": 

The Asian Pacific Islanders of Etsy Team Custom Request Page!

Most of our team members accept custom requests; some of us even do specialized orders.  You can contact our shops through the links provided.  If you're looking for something in particular but can't find it, just contact our team leader, Catherine (Shark Hat Cafe), and she'll try to match you with an API team artisan to fit your needs.


Here are some of our featured members:



Specialty:    bags
                  Made in Hawaii

Average response time for custom requests:  1 day

Average time to complete a custom order:  1-2 days

Contact her through her etsy shop:



Specialty:    religious gifts
                  Christian gifts
                  inspirational jewelry

Average response time for custom requests:  1-2 days

Average time to complete a custom order:  depends on order

Contact her:



Specialty:    geekery (video games, manga, anime, comic books, movies)
                  unusual jewelry

Average response time for custom requests:  1-2 days

Average time to complete a custom order:  depends on order

Contact her through her etsy shop:

Friday, May 31, 2013

Featured Team Member: SharkHatCafe

Weird, wild, and wry- what else can you say about SharkHatCafe's items?  She specializes in clay work (clay pendants, ornaments, and magnets), but has recently become interested in jewelry work.  She also offers Asian and tropical inspired memorial flowers for those who'd like something more personal to decorate loved ones' graves. 

Asian inspired memorial flower arrangements.
Decorate your tree with a unique handmade ornament!

Did we mention she likes oddities?  If you're into gruesome and macabre stuff, be sure to check out her "body part art" section!

Victorian style body part art necklace- one of SharkHatCafe's more tame pieces.

Visit her shop:
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Weird!  This fantasy dragon eye magnet seems to watch you, even if you move!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Featured Team Member: GemCandyStudio

Shimmering pink Swarovski cube earrings.
With Liz's jewelry, you and your pet will be the envy of all your friends!  She carefully handpicks each stone that's used to construct her marvelous designs- you (and your pet) will fall in love with them!
Add flair to your wardrobe with this pair of genuine emerald and rose quartz earrings.

From her etsy profile:

"GIA alumna and a jewelry designer. Attended American University and George Washington University. I have a small studio in the very heart of Chevy Chase, DC.
I have a passion to design and create jewelry using rich and colorful gemstones that resemble mouth watering candies. I create handbeaded jewelry for women, men, children and pampered pets."

Tiger eye and vermeil necklace from Liz's Pampered Pet collection.

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Very fashionable amethyst eyeglass holder!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Featured Team Member: hellomyfriend

An eclectic mix of fabulous things awaits you at hellomyfriend!  Vintage clothing, jewelry, and other accessories are among some of the items you'll see here!

These Italian leather heels would look great with summer outfits.
From their etsy profile:

"Hello My Friend is where style worlds collide. Foraged vintage, thrift, designer, handmade, ethnic, clothing, accessories, jewelry and objects. We search the Earth for unique items."
Cool geodes!

This is an actual snakeskin necklace!

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Wood bangle with brass inlay.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Featured Team Member: MyasCreations

The rich colors of this necklace will enhance just about any outfit!

Whether you're getting dressed up for a night on the town or need something "extra" for your everyday wear, you're sure to find what you're looking for with Mya's large selection of spectacular jewelry!

Can you believe these shells are actually crocheted wire?
From her etsy profile: 

 My name is Mya Mya Seinn Teiktin and I love making jewelry like beaded, crocheted, and wire wrapped jewelry.
Hope you find something perfect for you or your loved one.
Happy visiting! : )"

Chainmaille bracelet with electric blue.
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This lovely necklace is perfect for summer!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Featured Team Member: afreshVTG

No need to worry about wilting or withering with this beautiful bouquet!
Joy repurposes book pages into skillfully made flowers.  Those flowers are then made into various wedding accessories like boutonnieres, favors, and bouquets.  She can even dye the paper to add color!

Add a vintage feel to your wedding party with afreshVTG.

Visit her shop:
Follow her on instagram:  AFRESHVTG

Something out of the ordinary:  mini escort cards with paper roses.

Delicate peach rosettes.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Featured Team Member: LittleDelima

Choker necklace in beige rose and black.
You'll find fashionable choker necklaces and cute hair accessories in this shop!

"Mandarin Mood" necklace (peach).
From their etsy profile:

"`Delima' in Malaysian Language means Pomegranate.

It is 'Little', but just like the seeds of the fruit, this shop is about to supply variety of finding from A-Z like unique buttons, bead crochet laces, fabric ribbon, and others findings used in jewelry at a reasonable price."

Dress up your outfit with this Chinese knot necklace in beige and mint green.
Visit their shop:

Hair scrunchies!